We seek to make it easier for all AAPIs to claim their power and place in America’s civic and political landscape, as well as bring those who would otherwise not be part of the civic conversation into the fold. We’ll break down the tools, tips, and tricks to make it simple for anyone who wants to organize within their own community.

Our Initiatives

The Asian American identity is far from monolithic. We are building a diverse and inclusive network of AAPIs that embraces the differences in our cultural experiences while aligning around shared values. If you are itching to get involved in the American civic landscape but don’t know how, or you simply want to develop a stronger civic vocabulary, we offer several ways to get plugged in.

Inspiring Greater Participation In Our Nation’s Democracy

AAPIs are well-positioned to wield civic power and make lasting change in 2020 and beyond. We aim to equip and train AAPIs nationwide with the tools to relationally organize within their communities.

Engaging In Civic Dialogue

We can’t move forward as a community unless we fully understand our privilege, platform, and power. By starting a conversation around the issues affecting Asian Americans, we hope to take charge of our own narrative and develop an informed platform for advocacy.

Building Coalitions

We stand in solidarity with the Black community and other communities of color in the United States. By bringing together groups that wouldn’t normally collaborate and developing a unified message against racism and inequitable policies, we have the opportunity to strengthen all communities while centering those who are most marginalized.

Join us to create the systemic change we wish to see in our communities.

Get Involved!

Participating in democracy is more important than ever. Together, we can create the systematic change we wish to see in our communities. Follow us on social -- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook -- and sign up for updates!

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